A set of 3 of our skin loving soap bars.

Body Soap Bundle (Pick 3)

  • Our Hemp body Soap Bundle includes 3 body soap, the scents of which you choose!


    • This set includes 3 Hemp Body Soaps
    • Our soaps are packaged in biodegradable shrink wrap. 
    • Each bar is approx. 5 oz.
    • Our soaps are handmade so each bar may differ in color, shape and design than what is pictured.
    • Our ingredients are as clean, safe and responsibly sourced  We don't use palm oil, phthalates and parabens in our products!
  • Since we do consider this a gift set you have the option to let us know if you would like these items in their own box separate from the rest of your order. 

    Yes: please package these items in their own box

    No: no need to separate these items in their own box from the rest of my order